Q - How easy is it to move accountants?
A - lf your existing accountant is offering you an excellent pro active service at a fair price then stay with them. We pride ourselves in a pro active approach and in most cases we have saved our clients 1000's in tax and the process of changing over is very straight forward. lt involves an email or letter from you informing of the change and we take care of the rest.

Q - Are you expensive and are there any hidden costs?
A - We offer value for money we may not always be the cheapest as with many things in life but we are worth every penny and the savings we normally make for our clients outweighs this and our service is second to none. We would normally quote you upfront with no hidden costs.

Q - Can you visit us for the free consultation?
A - Yes there is no charge for the initial consultation and sometimes it's good to get a feel for the business set up.

Q - Can you deliver everything you say?
A - All we can say is that our business has been built on client recommendations which we believe is a testament to us, read our testimonials and come and have a chat with us.

Q - When is the best time to change accountants?
A - NOW! We cannot express that enough why pay more tax than needed? There is no need to wait until your accountant completes your last year end.

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